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Lubbers Ravenna, Italy

Lubbers has started a facility in Ravenna (Italy) in 2008. The main reason for this is that Ravenna has an important harbor; “The Port of Ravenna”. This is an Italian seaport on the North Adriatic Sea in Ravenna. It was established thousands years ago and is therefore one of the most ancient ports in the world. It is nowadays one of the top twenty Italian ports and it is the main port of Emilia-Romagna. It hosts shipyards, multipurpose terminals, bulk cargo terminals and a containerized cargo terminal. But more important for Lubbers; the port of Ravenna is the most important centre for offshore activities in the Adriatic sea. One third of the methane gas consumed in Italy is produced offshore from Ravenna.

The facility in Ravenna offers:

• 2.500 m2 big (outside storage)
• Completely fenced
• Yard personnel for handling activities present
• Handling equipment present (such as trucks, trailers, forklift)

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