Transport without limits in Energy Sector

Lubbers services the Wind Energy Sector


Lubbers is currently part of an interesting wind energy project in the Netherlands. Several windmill blades with a length of 60 meter and a weight of 18.000kg are moved by Lubbers to the Eemshaven offshore harbor. The telescopic cranes of Wagenborg Nedlift are present to offload the blades so they can be further transported to the offshore Wind Farm.

The truck- and trailer fleet of Lubbers is very suitable for these kind of projects. For heavy cargo Lubbers have twenty trucks in the heavier segment, consisting of 8x4, 6x4 and 8x2 trucks. These trucks can all be combined with heavy cargo trailers (5-axle, 6-axle and 7-axle trailers). Cargo with a weight up to 100 ton is no problem for us!

When it comes to length transports Lubbers can also offer good solutions. The trailer fleet consists of 143 trailers which have the ability to move cargo with an exceptional length. These trailers are single-, double- or triple extendable which enables movement of cargo with a length of 60 meter.


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