Transport without limits in Energy Sector


Dangerous Goods
Lubbers Logistics Group offers specialized solutions for Dangerous Goods (Road) Transportation throughout Europe. We are qualified to transport all 9 classes of dangerous goods, including Class 1 Explosives and Class 7 Radioactive material. Lubbers ensures a safe and reliable movement due to care and diligence in transportation of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Cargo. All guidelines and prescribed formalities (regarding safety & security) are strictly followed while handling and transporting Dangerous Goods. Our Dangerous Goods advisors have sound knowledge of national and international regulations as well as technical expertise.

Lubbers takes the welbeing of their personnel serious and provides radioactive buttons to the drivers. The drivers are also oblidged to cooperate with regular medical inspections.

Special Cargo & Projects
Lubbers Logistics Group is a project specialist for the oil and gas industry. Intercontinental road transport projects and outdoor profile transports are one of our specialist areas. Exceptional and oversized transports for the oil and gas industry are a major part of our daily work. We can also offer storage and warehousing and take care of all administrative work involved in large international projects.

One contact person will be allocated for your entire project, providing you with a clear overview of the project status at any time.We deal with the whole assignment, from the actual transport to all paperwork and permits. With our specialist team and an extensive fleet of more than 175 trucks and 400 trailers of all types (including flatbed, semi’s, low loaders, taut liners, heavy haulage and small vehicles). We are able to handle any type of freight you might have. Crane services can be offered throughout Europe through strategic partnerships.

A summary of our services:
• Intercontinental road transports
• Exceptional and oversized transports
• Project Management
• Custom Clearance

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