Transport without limits in Energy Sector


At present, Lubbers has the following vacancies to be filled:

For more information about the vacancies, you can contact the following persons:

For vacancies regarding Operations in Continental Europe:
Mark Lommers on:

For vacancies regarding Sales in Continental Europe:
André Mulder on:

For vacancies in the United Kingdom:
Stuart Ferguson on:

Applications you can send to:
Lubbers Benelux B.V.
Postbus 47
7760 AA Schoonebeek

RTH Lubbers
S. Ferguson
Atley Way,
Nelson Industrial Estate
NE23 1WA Cramlington, Northumberland
United Kingdom

Lubbers @work

If you would like to register as seeking employment within the Oil and Gas industry, you can register with Lubbers @work. Read more about our service which focuses on filling job vacancies within the gas and oil industry.


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