Transport without limits in Energy Sector


Lubbers' device is: Always at your side. We invest in our employees to be able to realize this promise. Our employees have vast knowledge about the transport sector and the oil & gas industry to be able to offer a wide range of solutions to our clients, tailor made to suit our clients needs.

We continuously develop the company, its facilities and our people, to be able to keep providing a high quality service in an effective manner.

In order to maintain its high quality standards, one of the primary objectives within Lubbers' policy, professional training courses are undertaken on a regular bases. All employees should have the necessary knowledge and knowhow to be able to execute their job correctly and according law (VCA 3.1). To ensure that Lubbers developed a Driver Training Programme:

Classification FUWA: 02.12 Driver low loader, international unasserted goods, excl. control of hydraulic crane.
National driver: class D
International driver: class E

All drivers should have:
• Valid Drivers License
• Drivers diploma
• Digital drivers pass
• Experience: preferable in the same branch (o&g trp), but no specific requirements
• Securing & Controlling: All diploma’s and certifications are documented in our TMS system and in an supporting spreadsheet. This is being controlled by the assistant material coordinator.

To work for Lubbers all drivers should at least have:
• VCA basis (Safety, Health & Environment)
• ADR basis + tank + class 1 en class 7 ( also called ADR full package)
• BBS ( Behavior Based Safety )

Furthermore Lubbers offers additional training and certificates s to their employees, so they meet the rules and regulations of every country we work in.

Besides the official training program, Lubbers Benelux B.V. makes sure that the drivers are regularly tested/inspected on their performance and knowledge.

Click here to read more about our QHSE policy.

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