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History Lubbers Logistics Group

The first registration of Lubbers at the Chamber of Commerce dates back to 1929. Geert Lubbers, Ronald Lubbers’ grandfather, started up a regional road transport business in that year. Following the death of Geert Lubbers, Rudy Lubbers, Ronald Lubbers’ father, took over the company at the end of the 1960s and continued to operate the existing two trucks. In mid-1992, Rudy Lubbers suffered a stroke and Ronald bought the company along with its fleet of 12 trucks from his father. Since then, the company has specialised increasingly in satisfying the transportation needs of the oil and gas drilling industry, both nationally and internationally.

In order to make achievement of its international ambitions possible, the company relocated to a five times larger site on De Vierslagen industrial estate. This site became the base from which the company's ambitions could be fulfilled. Lubbers also opened its first subsidiary in Velsen-Noord. While the logistics activities continued to grow, Lubbers started to receive increasingly frequent requests for specialised transportation to international destinations.

This development came at a time when Lubbers had already realised that reliable pan-European transportation would require setting up dedicated company sites at strategic locations. With people who know the local market, speak the language and all the required facilities. In line with that need, the company opened a second subsidiary in Celle (Germany).

Lubbers achieved strong autonomous growth in that phase. In order to further accelerate growth, the company embarked on the acquisition trail from 1998. Horizontal transport was added to the range of activities in 1998 when Lubbers took over Hofstra Kraanbedrijf in Emmen. The company name changed to Lubbers Kraanbedrijf.

McKenzie Transport in Aberdeen was acquired in 2001. Following this acquisition, the British subsidiary, Lubbers UK Limited, continued operations under the name of Lubbers-McKenzie.

Tony Tailford and Ronald LubbersAt the time, Lubbers already collaborated with RTH International Transport (a British company run by Ron Tailford and his son Tony Tailford). This collaboration became increasingly profitable as time passed. That positive trend resulted in Lubbers Group purchasing a 50% holding in RTH International Transport in 2002. The shares were purchased from Ron Tailford, Tony Tailford’s father. After this investment, Lubbers continued operations in the United Kingdom under the UK merger name of RTH-Lubbers UK. The investment also gave the company access to subsidiaries in Newcastle and Aberdeen.

An increasing mismatch arose between Lubbers Kraanbedrijf and the international growth and ambitions of the Lubbers Group. As a result, the crane business merged with two other companies in 2004. Kielstra Kraanverhuur, Pax in Leeuwarden and Lubbers Kraanbedrijf all merged to form a single crane business: Kielstra, with complete coverage of the three northern provinces of the Netherlands.

The Lubbers Logistics Group is still a co-shareholder in Kielstra today.
Furthermore, a different form of collaboration has developed as well. Lubbers and Kielstra have set up KLP Rigmoves, a business that specialises in relocating rigs, plant and equipment for the drilling industry.

The Lubbers Logistics Group continues to grow within the transport sector. In order to enhance the power of the combination further and increase synergy, Lubbers purchased the remaining 50% shareholding in RTH-Lubbers UK from Tony Tailford in 2005. The Lubbers Group financed this purchase of the shares in RTH-Lubbers via a share swap with Tony Tailford. The parent company, which now bears the name of Lubbers Logistics Group, had two shareholders from that time: Ronald Lubbers and Tony Tailford.

The Lubbers Logistics Group operates under the Lubbers brand-name through subsidiaries in continental Europe. The RTH-Lubbers UK brand-name is used by the company's subsidiaries in the UK.

After a long-standing collaboration, Lubbers acquired a Danish company called Dan Carrier in 2008. Dan Carrier is based in Esbjerg. After the acquisition, the Danish company use the name of Lubbers Denmark ApS but operates under the umbrella of Lubbers Logistics Group.

Based on a customer-focused strategy of service across all borders, the network was expanded to include 10 subsidiaries in seven European countries. All with their own transportation fleets, equipment and storage facilities. Lubbers now offers its customers an optimised European network of wholly-owned subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Scotland, Denmark, Italy and Romania and partnerships in Norway, Turkey and Poland.

In order to optimise service levels for customers in the oil and gas industry, Lubbers added more activities to the growing services package. Lubbers Logistics Group has now become a specialist that offers a complete package of in-house operated services for the oil and gas industry. Lubbers’ fleet of more than 120 trucks and approximately 290 trailers transport materials to all destinations within Europe. And outside Europe as well. The company's 270 international employees guarantee customers optimum service and quality. Thanks to its European network, Lubbers is always nearby, is fully conversant with local requirements and speaks the customer’s language. The network of local experts guarantees rapid and safe transportation, a thorough knowledge of regulations and professional coordination between all the parties involved.

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