Transport without limits in Energy Sector

History Lubbers Rigmoves

In 2008 the companies L. Kielstra Cranes, Lubbers Transport Group and PaxConstruction and Industry Services started a partnership agreement under the name KLP Rigmoves.

All three companies have a long history serving the upstream oil and gas industry. If you would like to know more about these individual companies, please visit the websites: , en

Since the start-up KLP Rigmoves focused specifically on the oil and gas industry and offered turn-key rigmoves. Dozens of well trained employees, specialized trucks, trailers and heavy telescopic cranes are necessary to execute these complex logistic projects. In the years that followed KLP Rigmoves developed into a serious player in this field of expertise.

Besides the partner role in KLP Rigmoves, Lubbers Transport Group also developed as a specialist transport company. By continuously expanding its network Lubbers has responded to the geographical expansion of the oil and gas exploration in Europe and the increasing internationalizationof its customers. In this process Lubbers noticed that their customers were also looking for partners who could assist them in rigmovesoutside of the catchment area at that time.

For this reason the management of KLP Rigmoves decided per the 1st of January 2015 to continue the rigmoves services under the name Lubbers Rigmoves. The catchment area enlarged to Central Europe with specialist countries the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Romania.

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