Transport without limits in Energy Sector


Lubbers @work is a subsidiary of the Lubbers Logistics Group, a transport company established in 1929. Since the establishment, the company has seen tremendous growth. Besides three facilities in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, the company is also established in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy and Romania. This network is used to offer national and international road transport. The majority of the work is executed with its own trucks and trailers.

Besides road transport Lubbers Logistics Group also offers storage and handling services, container rentals, rigmoves and forwarding services. Logistics is in the DNA of the company!

Lubbers @work is a specialized supplier of personnel services for the logistics sector, as its mother company "the logistics blood" runs through the veins of the company. Drives, project specialists and warhouse employees walk through the building every day. Some are working dor the mother company, others are working for customers via payrolling or secondment contracts. Lubbers @work also has years of cooperation with a large international network of transport companies and freight forwarders.

Some examples of functions:

  • Truck Drivers
  • Forklift Drivers
  • Planners
  • Warehouse Employees
  • Crane Drivers



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