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Why choose Lubbers @work?

When you are looking for assistance in finding new personnel, you want to talk to somebody with knowledge of your sector. Someone who understands the dynamics and "speaks the same language". The staff of Lubbers @work spend a lot of time in the field an get specific training on the latest developments within the three key industries.

During the search for a new suitable colleague, it is important that your search-partner listens to you. You should get the right amount of attention, so you can make clear what your main selection criteria are. Your wishes and requirements are central in the search. Personal attention is characteristic for Lubbers @work's way of working.

When a new colleague starts within your company, you do not want to worry about a possible lack of knowledge or skills. This could harm your company's processes or even put safety at risk. Therefore Lubbers @work only offers qualified and well-trained personnel. To be able to guarantee this, Lubbers @work has signed a cooperation agreement with a specialized training centre. The offered training and education is frequently being reviewed by both companies and adjusted to the latest engineering demands. Lubbers @work has precedence in the training plan and therefore is able to offer well trained personnel quickly.


Well Services

Oil and gas engineering is usually divided into three major sectors: upstream, midstream and downstream. The upstream sector includes searching for potential crude oil and natural gas and subsequently drilling and operating the wells. The midstream sector involves the transportation of crude oil or gas to the refineries. And the down-stream sector commonly refers to the refining process and the marketing and distribution of the end products like petrol and diesel.

Lubbers @work is specialized in supplying personnel services for the upstream sector, also called the well services sector. The main well services activities are drilling, completion and production.

Therefore Lubbers @work is mainly focused on these activities and has a specialized well trained workforce available. Some example of functions:

  • Supervisors
  • Operators
  • Mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Riggers



Throughout the year Lubbers @work managed to create a large and diverse pool of technical employees. From young well trained mechanics to very experienced craftsmen. These employees are deployed in the engineering sector through employment-, pay-rolling and secondment contracts.

Lubbers @work is well aware that in the search for candidates it is not only about finding somebody who has a good education or experience, but also to employ someone with the right competences. Besides an extended personal intake interview an annual evaluation meeting is organised to discuss the experiences and developments of the employee. At the same time the experiences of the employers are also measured to capture an overall impression on the competences of the employee.

Some examples of functions within the engineering sector:

  • Engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Planners
  • Mounting Assistents
  • Welders



Lubbers @work is a subsidiary of the Lubbers Logistics Group, a transport company established in 1929. Since the establishment, the company has seen tremendous growth. Besides three facilities in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, the company is also established in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy and Romania. This network is used to offer national and international road transport. The majority of the work is executed with its own trucks and trailers.

Besides road transport Lubbers Logistics Group also offers storage and handling services, container rentals, rigmoves and forwarding services. Logistics is in the DNA of the company!

Lubbers @work is a specialized supplier of personnel services for the logistics sector, as its mother company "the logistics blood" runs through the veins of the company. Drives, project specialists and warehouse employees walk through the building every day. Some are working for the mother company, others are working for customers via payrolling or secondment contracts. Lubbers @work also has years of cooperation with a large international network of transport companies and freight forwarders.

Some examples of functions:

  • Truck Drivers
  • Forklift Drivers
  • Planners
  • Warehouse Employees
  • Crane Drivers



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