Transport without limits in Energy Sector

Lubbers Rigmoves

Lubbers Rigmoves offers turn-key onshore rigmove solutions by using own equipment and personnel and that of contractors.

During the planning, execution and evaluation of the rigmove our customers have the option to deal with one contact person only (or more if desirable). This person keeps the customers informed about each step in the process. Behind the scenes the trucks and trailers, cranes and mob- and demobilization personnel are arranged and planned according a fixed schedule;

Transport: Lubbers Logistics Group

During the execution of a rigmove most of the time own trucks and trailers are used. These are planned (behind the scenes) by the planning department of Lubbers Logistics Group.

Lubbers Logistics Group has over 80 years of experience and a vehicle fleet of more than 175 trucks and 400 trailers (including flatbed- and step deck trailers, tautliners and low-loaders). Lubbers Logistics Group offers all kinds of specialized transport services for the oil and gas industry. Either oversized or dangerous goods, Lubbers is available 24 hours a day - 365 days a year and has an exceptionally high safety standard. Lubbers Logistics Group is a fully certified road transport company; ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004, VCA and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Besides Lubbers Logistics Group, Lubbers Rigmoves also uses road transport contractors. These contractors are carefully selected by using strict selection criteria;

  • Contractor Questionnaire has to be completed. Contains questions about accreditations, (safety-) standards and experience. This questionnaire can be shown upon request.
  • Site Audits are executed. This is a documentation- and field inspection at the head office of the contractor.
  • Unannounced Ad-hoc spot-checks are executed.


Mob- en Demobilisation personnel: Pax & Lubbers @work

An important element within a rigmove is the demobilization of the drilling rig at the departing location and the mobilization of the rig at the new drilling site. Lubbers Rigmoves uses experienced professionals to execute these activities. Depending on customer demands and the country of the rigmove, Lubbers Rigmoves uses own personnel (managed by Lubbers @work) and specialists from partner Pax Construction & Industry Service.

Lubbers @work started in 2009 and offers temporary staffing, staff secondment and pay rolling.Through its large network and over 60 years of experience in the oil & gas industry (as part of Lubbers Logistics Group), this department provides outstanding recruitment services. Already since the start Lubbers @work managed to get very experienced technical specialists, riggers and banksmen in their personnel database. They have a proven track record in supplying and managing a rigmove team.

Cranes: L. Kielstra Cranes & Partners

Besides transport and mobilization, the last important element in the execution of a rigmove are cranes.

Since the start-up of KLP Rigmoves in 2008 L. Kielstra Cranes has been the exclusive partner for supplying the cranes and lifting & hoisting knowledge. Lubbers Rigmoves has continued this partnership and uses L. Kielstra Cranes in most of the rigmoves. For rigmoves outside the Netherlands and Northern Germany Lubbers Rigmoves also uses other contractors.

Summary; Lubbers Rigmoves supplies:

  • Domestic and international rigmoves, which include:
    • Pre-move meeting with customer
    • Route investigation and site visit
    • Preparation of (safety-) manual(s) and risk assessments
    • Preparation of truck planning
    • Preparation of crane-plan and planning
    • Permit application or assistance
    • Execution of rigmoves (incl. personnel and equipment)
    • After move meeting, including learning’s and advice
  • Project management (specialism Oil & Gas)
  • Domestic and international transport projects (including out of gauge transport)
  • Storage and handling services
  • Opslag en handling services; nationaal en internationaal
  • Permit applicationor assistance
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