Transport without limits in Energy Sector


QHSE, meaning Quality, Health, Safety en Environment are of great importance to Lubbers Rigmoves and to the Oil & Gas Industry as a whole. To guarantee that the necessary quality on these topics is delivered Lubbers Rigmoves meets the demanded Industry Standards. For all activities the necessary certifications and trainings are in place, such as ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 en ISO 14001:2015.

Knowledge Level

To continuously meet the high quality standards, Lubbers Rigmoves determined frequent professional trainings as being an important objective. The drivers (supplied by Lubbers Logistics Group) all had a safety training which reduces the chance of calamities. Besides the safety training, all drivers are fully trained in Dangerous Goods (ADR) handling and transportation and are therefore permitted to move all Dangerous Goods classes (1 – 7) throughout Europe. Most of them also have a Hydrogen (H2S) certification and a NAM-pass which allows access to drilling locations of the Dutch Petroleum Company called NAM. 


Besides the official courses and trainings Lubbers Rigmoves also focusses on sharing knowledge. Insight and experience have significant influence on the level of success of logistics projects. This knowledge sharing is stimulated during drivers training days, drivers meetings and open informal sessions. Lubbers personnel also have the option to come-up with suggestions (anonymous if preferred) through suggestions boxes, management gives monthly feedback.

Lubbers Rigmoves sets the same requirements to its crane partners. L. Kielstra Cranes is a preferred crane partner in the Netherlands and North Germany. Kielstra has a strong focus on safety as well. All mobile cranes as well as the other lifting and hoisting equipment are in an excellent technical condition. Kielstra also makes sure that all crane operators are well educated and prepared before they start their projects. For example, all new crane operators take an additional specific training course besides the standard crane operators education. That our customers can rely on the quality of Kielstra is also evident from the fact that the trade association VVT (Association Vertical Transport) officially acknowledge Kielstra as a good and reliable crane operator.

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