Transport without limits in Energy Sector

Special Transport

The Special Transport division of Lubbers offers a broad spectrum of transport services:

from single flatbed loads to complex, multi-mode transport projects. We operate throughout Europe from our offices in the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Romania, Norway and Turkey. We have clients in various lines of business, such as the oil and gas industry, the wind energy sector, the nuclear sector, the geothermal sector, the dredging sector and in the various other sectors.

Our specialists at the special transport department are ready for any challenge when the equipment you need to move has unusually large dimensions. A wind turbine component of 30 metres long, a 50-ton prefabricated concrete beam or a 20-metre high storage tank: these are just some examples of the special transport jobs that Lubbers regularly performs. With special transport projects, thorough preparation is essential. Lubbers employees are completely familiar with every aspect of this, they take care of:

  • Route surveys
  • Transport engineering
  • Job preparation
  • Acquisition and provision of permits and documents
  • Transport supervision
  • Drawing up operating manuals
  • Project management

Wide Variety of Modern Equipment

Our modern and versatile equipment fleet, consisting of more then 175 trucks and 400 towed units, is at your disposal. For every transport job, we have the right equipment; this means that we can always offer you the best and most economic transport solution.

The Lubbers trailer fleet consists of flatbeds, mega’s, step decks and low loaders with a large diversity in the number of axles (up to 7-axles) and extendable length (up to triple extendable). These trailers are pulled by our heavy trucks with a maximum capacity of 160 ton.

For a perfect performance, you need more than just the right equipment. The success of your project strongly depends on the people involved. The employees of Lubbers are well trained and have the right qualifications. Above all, they are experienced and committed people who are proactively involved in the process. Our operational staff is supported by experienced, professional engineers and project managers. Together, they take care of efficient transport and safe arrival of your valuable equipment.

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