Brexit regulations

Brexit has consequences for your business. Cargo that is transported from the United Kingdom to Europe or any other Global destination first goes through a check by British customs and the same happens the other way around. Checks are carried out on the correct import-/export documentation and sealing. Carriers who transport perishable goods such as flowers, fruit and food are the first to pass through customs. Then all other carriers will follow.

The changes that Brexit will bring are a challenge for you. What you want is for your goods to be transported without any problems. You want to be informed about the process and the status of your shipments. Lubbers understands the consequences of these changes and your challenges. We therefor have prepared ourselves well.   

Customs broker and carrier

We have put together a special Brexit-team that offers support with all questions regarding the new laws and regulations. In addition, the Brexit-team within Lubbers will also act as a customs broker and support importers and exporters with the customs formalities. This only happens when the goods are transported by us. 

In the Netherlands direct representation is possible for import, export and re-export of goods. In order to represent you as our customer and act as a customs broker, we first must be authorized by you to do so. Then Lubbers acts in name and on behalf of your company and your European EORI number and can provide the import or export support services. 

European EORI number

A European EORI number is an identification number you need when doing business across the border and dealing with Customs. The EORI number ensures that data is exchanged faster in the European Union. 


INCOterms is short for International Commercial Terms. These conditions determine who is responsible for what during international transactions. INCOterms are known worldwide and are a requirement for every commercial invoice. They ensure that the risk of potentially expensive misunderstandings is greatly reduced.


  • If you intend to enter into an international goods transaction with the United Kingdom, we advise you to prepare well. The following elements are important:
  • Make sure you have a European EORI-number available;
  • You must also have a valid VAT-number;
  • Know under which INCOterms your commercial transaction will or has takes place;
  • Find out how your customer has arranged customs clearance, VATand import taxes and duties;

Usefull Links with Brexit information:

Do you have goods to be transported from or to the United Kingdom?And do you need help with the customs formalities?

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