Complex road transport: Loading, transporting and unloading two historic farms

The Challenge of this road transport 

Lubbers was approached by the antiquities foundation “De Spiker”. This foundation aims to maintain buildings, village views and landscapes that are characteristic of the old Schoonebeek. The Spiker asked Lubbers to provide logistical support in moving two historic cattle barns, also known as ‘boo’. These needed to be moved locally between Coevorden and Schoonebeek. 
The boo is typical for the area around Schoonebeek. Around the year 1600 there were dozens of boo’s in that area, unfortunately only a few of these have survived. Livestock was kept in a boo which was unique in the province of Drenthe at the time. The largest part of Drenthe was peat and heather and there was little you could do with livestock. In the small part around Schoonebeek the soil was more suitable. That is why it is important that this piece of cultural heritage is preserved. 
Moving these boo’s presented several challenges. For example, all stone and thatched walls had to be carefully removed and the entire frame construction had to be reinforced in order to be able to be lifted and transported. It was important not to damage the old buildings. 
The dimensions also presented some challenges. The larger of the two boo’s was 6.60 meters wide and 7.50 meters high. And that meant that route research was necessary in advance and the transport was carried out with a special low-loader and under the supervision of an escort vehicle. 

Our solution

Lubbers’ project team worked closely together with a crane company and experienced construction engineers on this project. A construction plan (reinforcement of objects), transport & traffic plan and a safety plan were jointly drawn up.  Lubbers advised on the reinforcement of the cargo and took the lead in conducting the route investigation, securing the cargo and carrying out the exceptional transport.  

The Result

The execution of the lifting job and the exceptional transport attracted a lot of attention. The audience was impressed by ‘farms hanging over the trees’ and ‘farms on wheels’.  

Both the lifting job and the exceptional transport were carried out without any problems. The De Spiker Foundation was very pleased with the professional implementation of the project and the excellent cooperation between all parties involved.  

“An important piece of cultural heritage has been preserved for the region and can soon be viewed by a wider public”, according to the foundation.   

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