Logistics support for complex intercontinental project mobilization

The challenge

A large service company in the upstream oil & gas industry approached Lubbers for logistics support with a project mobilization of coiled tubing equipment from the Netherlands to Kuwait. It concerned customs formalities, handling, labelling and packaging services. It was a challenging project due to the tight deadline and because it had to be mobilized during the Christmas and new Year holiday period.

Our solution

Because the project included road transport as well as airfreight, Lubbers Road Transport and Lubbers Global Freight worked together on this project. The project cargo consisted of two self-driving coiled tubing trucks and a significant amount of loose items used in the coiled tubing drilling process. One of the trucks had a weight of 46 ton and was therefore considered as exceptional transport.
Due to the short delivery deadline, the customer decided to charter one of the largest cargo airplanes in the world: the Antonov!  
In the weeks prior to the airfreight mobilization, Lubbers had a central coordination role between the customer, the authorities and all logistics contractors involved. Herein we organized the export documentation, insurances, certifications and the registration- and application procedures for all materials and staff.     
In order to ship materials per airfreight, they need to be properly packed and labelled. Lubbers took care of this as well and organized the making of 6 specific boxes for all loose coiled tubing items. The boxes were all clearly marked and labeled.   


All preparations were done accurately and on time. And therefor all materials and staff passed through border control without any problems. The flight left on time, resulting in another happy customer!

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