Movement of long and heavy precast concrete beams for an overpass

The challenge

A supplier of precast concrete constructions approached us for an interesting project. It concerned a Road construction project. A heavy traffic junction near the Dutch city of Zwolle was going to be adjusted. Several Roads were planned to be reconstructed in order to improve the safety and traffic flow. For the reconstruction activities a new overpass needed to be developed.
Our customer asked us if we could move 75 precast concrete beams on a 100 KM route within the Netherlands, the beams had a length between 21 and 23 meter and a weight of 24 Ton. The challenge was that these beams needed to be moved within a four day timeframe and each beam should be delivered every 20 minutes.

Our solution

It concerned transports with over-length and therefore we used extendable trailers. Because of the weight and delivery schedule, we decided to move one beam per transport.
When the customer requests a tight delivery schedule, it is important that our drivers are well prepared and assist in the preparations for the crane handling. The drivers untied the cargo at a safe spot where the crane could immediately lift the beam without any loss of time.


All 75 transports went smoothly. It resulted in an efficient project in which our drivers were appreciated for their cooperative attitude and their safety awareness.
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