The worldwide shortage of containers. How to make sure it doesn’t affect your cargo

The worldwide shortage of containers. How to make sure it doesn’t affect your cargo

COVID has a large impact on many aspects of our daily lives. Not only does it affect you physically or mentally, but COVID is also restricting travel and the shipment of your goods.

Causes of container shortage 

The container shortage is caused partially by COVID. Companies currently use containers as storage for the goods that have been transported in the containers. Containers have been delivered but have no goods to transport back on them, so the empty containers pile up in the ports.
When world trade came to a halt, some shipping companies used this opportunity to refurbish their fleet, which meant that not all vessels were available. With fewer vessels in the ocean, some of the active vessels had to deal with COVID cases on board, which interrupted the activity and ability to continue during the infection.
Buying behaviors changed for people during COVID, sitting at home created different needs and demands in products. These changes cause irregularities in global trade and shipments, which lead to the costs rising for the carriers.

Shortage in logistical staff

Many jobs are available, however, the number of people able to work is not enough. Many companies experience shortages in staff. This leads to companies not being able to offer their full scope of services. The shortages are caused by taking care of a child with homeschooling or other family members with illnesses. This sometimes results in companies having a large fleet available but not enough drivers, meaning that they cannot offer their customers the solution right away as they are understaffed. 

Freight rates fluctuating

Freight rates fluctuate at all times, however, due to COVID, these fluctuations have become quite different. Currently, due to COVID fewer flights are scheduled, leading to less capacity left for shipments. Which makes it harder to transport your cargo quickly on a commercial airline. This results in cargo planes needing to be chartered, or when the cargo is not time-sensitive vessels will be chartered. But when each country experiences this same problem, transporting cargo by ocean freight becomes a demand which then means the price will rise again. 
Finding the right shipment in the shortage can be difficult, you need to look at the different options available and check whether that fits your schedule. Depending on your type of freight, especially when it is not perishable it is sometimes easier to transport it via road or sea.  

Lubbers ensures freight capacity

Discussing your shipment problem with Lubbers will guarantee a solution. Depending on the type of freight and your schedule Lubbers uses its capacity and network to find the right solution for you.
Why does Lubbers have the capacity while there is a worldwide shortage? Lubbers has an extensive fleet with staff that is available 24/7. Some staff have a function in the office but are also available as drivers when the demand is there. 

Lubbers are experts in complex transport and logistics, focused on transporting by rail, road, sea, and air. Meaning this is where their capacity comes from, looking in each and every direction for a transportation possibility for you. 

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