Transport and lifting services for 9 cable drums from France to the Netherlands

The challenge

The biggest manufacturer of power cables in the world reached out to us with an interesting request. Nine (9) cable drums needed to be moved from Montereau-Fault-Yonne in France to Vierverlaten in the Nederlands. At the delivery site a telescopic crane needed to be organized. After the cables have been laid, the empty drums needed to be lifted and transported back to the factory in France.

Our solution

The cable drums had a diameter of 3.60 meter. Because of the height restrictions these needed to be moved with low trailers, in this case semi low-loaders. The width of the drums varied from 2.25 meter till 2.39 meter and they had a maximum weight of 9 Ton each. 
Two drums were loaded per semi low-loader. The customer asked for a smooth loading process, meaning the cable drums had to be loaded directly after each other. To make sure the five truck-trailers were all available at the loading site in France, Lubbers decided to use own equipment and staff in combination with a transport partner. 


All transports went smoothly and the loading and offloading activities were carried out according plan. A nice project for the ‘Power Industry’.  We are specialists in complex transport. If you want to know more about our road transport options, click here.

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