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Transportation of 2586 pipes

The challenge

A pipe supplier approached us for an interesting project. 2.586 pipes needed to be moved from Klundert to several destinations in the province of Groningen. The pipes will be installed on a pipeline trace between Garmerwolde and the Eemshaven. These PE and PP coated pipes were cemented from the inside and therefor a bit heavier. The pipes had a weight up to 4.023 kg.

Our solution

The pipes were coated and more fragile then steel pipes. It was important to take this in consideration during loading, securing and transportation. Metal free tensioning straps with a high down force (daN) were used to secure the pipes.
The pipes were placed on a cargo securing system called System88. System88 is a safe and flexible system to transport pipes by truck. It offers a flexible system that can easily be adjusted for different pipe diameters. The system is made out of LDPE and is safe for coated pipes.


The project has started and runs until September 2020. So far the transports are running smoothly

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