Transporting your equipment offshore

Oil and gas companies around the world require containers and modules to transport supporting materials to their offshore drilling location. Which allows the companies to continue their activities with the required materials and equipment.
Offshore containers/cargo baskets are used for transporting or storing goods that have unusual dimensions and weight. Cargo baskets are units that have lashing points to add tarpaulins or can be used with open tops. The cargo baskets can carry large weights and sizes thanks to the shape of the basket, it can be stacked with pipes or slings to maximize the floor space. The containers and baskets are completely portable and designed specifically for the re-use of transportation of equipment or materials from one place to another in the safest way possible. 
Offshore baskets are specifically designed for use on drilling platforms or supply vessels, the baskets can be lifted easily, offshore baskets are versatile and durable. Storing and transporting non-bulky equipment such as pipes and tubular cargoes are made easy with the offshore baskets. 

What are the limitations of offshore containers?The containers/baskets come in many shapes and sizes. The baskets have an open top and are secured with a net. The containers have a wide variety of sizes, depending on your equipment, there will be a container or basket that can fit the equipment. The containers have a closed or an open top. Perishable goods can be transported by a refrigerated container. The offshore baskets make it easier to transport long equipment or materials, such as pipes. These can be set up by staff onshore, which is then transported to the offshore location, it then does not need any further work setting it up but just installing the equipment. 

Maintenance of the baskets and containers

Offshore containers are certified to DNV 2.7-1 standard, which involves multiple steps to certify. The containers come in different sizes and configurations; each certification is unique and begins with a design appraisal. The appraisal will look at the different aspects of the way the container is designed, including the dimensions, load ratings, welding methods, sealant materials, and other aspects that affect the performance of the container. A survey is completed during the manufacturing to ensure qualified workers are processing and performing their tasks on the container/basket as specified. The last step of certifying involves an inspection of the prototype to confirm compliance with the blueprints. Besides that, the auditor performs an impact test including lifting and tilting the container/basket.

Why Is DNV 2.7-1 Certification Important?

The certification of containers and baskets is very important as they endure a lot during transport and at offshore locations. The certification process is long and thorough, certification being attained allows you to know that the manufacturer is committed to reliable and qualitative products. When using these products to transport goods they want to ensure safe working conditions for those transporting the goods. As potentially causing an accident or damaging something can not be permitted. 
When certifying the products they are labeled. The container is labeled with the date it is certified on, the total weight it is allowed to carry, and the angle it is allowed to be lifted at. The container is not allowed to have damages that affect the performance of the container, the lifting eye is checked every 4 years for any tears. Not only the container is certified but the lifting cables are also certified. The certification is valid in the Netherlands for 1 year, in the UK it is valid for half a year. 

Need a container or basket for your transport?

Lubbers is an OEG partner, Lubbers acts as an agent for all rental and purchase requests, our rental fleet consists of over 3000 units. The units are stocked in several locations across Europe. The stock has a wide variety of containers and baskets to answer your requests.

Not only do Lubbers provide the baskets/containers, but they can also arrange the transportation to and from the offshore location. Contact Lubbers or get a quote now for more information.

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