62 airport-hangar doors to Kuwait

The challenge

A client, who offers turnkey solutions in the field of bulk solids handling, asked us if we could move 62 hangar-doors and supporting products from Germany to Kuwait. It was a door-to-door delivery. The total volume of the project was 6.350 m3 and 2.400 ton.

The journey

To make a good judgement of the project we did several site visits. During these visits we investigated the cargo, loading site and available handling and transport equipment. After exploring possible modalities we prepared our project plan, presented it to the client and were awarded with the job.

Our solution

Together with the client we decided to move the hangar-doors in packages of 5 pieces. This was the perfect size to put on our extendable trailers; 16.00m long, 2.50m wide and 3.00m high and a total weight off app. 25 Ton. In order to save costs and be more efficient during loading, special lifting frames were produced by the customer. The frames carried the hangar doors in such a way that our trailers could drive underneath when our drivers lowered the air suspension. This way no heavy cranes need to be hired. 

We chose to make use of the port in Antwerp, because from here the most efficient shipping solution could be offered. A total of 105 transports from Emlichheim in Germany to the port of Antwerp were executed over a period of 4 Months. All loads were shipped in 3 separate batches. We also organised the collection of the cargo from the port of Shuaibah and Shuwaikh and transport to the final destination at Ali Al Salem Airbase.   


Through very good cooperation with the customer, shipping agent and partners at site we were able to execture the project in time and without any issues. Another happy customer. 

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