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Cutting windmill blades and transport to recycling company

The challenge

Windmill blades are designed in such a way that they can convert the wind energy very efficiently into a rotating movement, which can be converted back into electrical energy by the turbine. To achieve this, the blades are designed taking the shape, size and composition of materials into consideration. Long, light and strong is the motto. 

Size & shape: difficult to transport

The windmill blades are getting longer. The maximum blade length of modern wind turbines is around 65 meters for land-based turbines and around 85 meters for offshore turbines. Tests have already been run with blades of 107 meters. 

Materials: difficult to recycle

For efficiency reasons, the blades are usually made of a composite containing plastic and aluminum or polyester and polyurethane. Chemical glues or resins are used to firmly attach the materials to each other. Unfortunately, this combination of materials is difficult to recycle.

Separating the different materials is very labor-intensive. And existing shredders and incinerators become contaminated by the adhesive residue and dangerous fumes can be released, which means that additional measures have to be taken. In addition, there is the challenge of creating a reusable raw material as a residual product that can be reused efficiently. Preferably within the same industry. 

Our solution

We believe it is important that the blades are processed efficiently and that the impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. That is why Lubbers offers a mobile solution in which the blades are reduced to standard transport dimensions. This prevents the long blades from having to be handled and moved again by the use of heavy cranes, seagoing vessels or inland barges. 

Due to our extensive branch structure, we are able to perform the blade cutting or sawing operations locally in almost all European countries.

Our project team first conducts a risk analysis and feasibility study. It is examined whether the project can be carried out safely, without health risks and with minimal impact on the environment. Taking these aspects into account, a plan will be drawn up describing the implementation and measures. 

During the execution, Lubbers will take care of the executive staff and all equipment and materials. This includes hydraulic scissors or saw, trucks, forklifts, cranes, waste containers, sweepers, sanitary & office units, etc. 

The customer is continuously informed about cutting or sawing and recycling progress at time of execution.


Customers receive a turn-key solution for the complete processing of the windmill blades. After complete processing, the customers receive a processing certificate and an explanation of the quantity and type of residual waste.

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