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Exceptional transports for the Wind Industry

The challenge

A colleague within the exceptional transport business won several international projects for the Wind Industry. They needed to move many wind turbine parts within a short period. It involved tower parts, nacelles, drivetrains and blades. Because of the large number and the short timeframe we were asked to support this project.

Our solution

Lubbers has multiple suitable transport combinations for large and heavy transports.The drivetrain is the powerhouse of a wind turbine, containing the generator and gearbox which converts the rotation of the blades into electricity. The nacelle is the heart of the turbine, the box-like cover houses all the generating components, such as the generator, the drive train and the brake assembly.
Both wind turbine parts are large and heavy, this depends on the type of wind turbine of course. In this case the drivetrains are approximately 5 meter long, 4 meter wide and 3,20 meter high. They weigh no less than 75 ton!
Lubbers chose to execute these heavy transports with a modular 3-bed-5 trailer and use this in a 8-axle stepdeck low-loader configuration. The trailer was pulled by a heavy 8×4 trucks, in this case a very nice V8. The drivetrains were secured to the trailer by using certified chains. Herein it was important to secure the chains to the designated mounting points on the drivetrains.
Because these transports are considered as exceptional transports, they were guided by an escort vehicle and executed after 22:00 PM.


A professionally executed exceptional transport, with a happy customer as a result.
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