Road transport and handling of 9 meter long steam boiler

The challenge

A specialist supplier of steam boilers, boiler rooms and pipe works awarded Lubbers with a turnkey logistics project. It concerned the transport and handling of a 9-meter long and 35-ton weighing steam boiler and related project management activities. The available space at the offloading location was limited and was close to a very busy road. 

Our solution

In such projects, a good job preparation is very important. The main risks have to be determined and examined. The risks in this project involved exceptional road transport, crane lifting activities, small working space and a busy traffic situation.   
Lubbers therefor prepared a detailed transport & crane plan, safety plan as well as a traffic management plan. These plans were discussed with the customer and all involved contractors.  
The transport was executed with a heavy 8×4 truck and a 3-axle low-loader. A compact 110-ton telescopic crane was used for the hoisting and lifting activities.4 traffic controllers were deployed to guarantee a safe working environment and avoid accidents. 


An efficient and safe project execution, resulting in another happy customer!
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