Specialized road transports of oversized drums & reels

The challenge

Coiled Tubing & Wireline Reels
In the oil and gas industries coiled tubing refers to a very long metal pipe, which is supplied spooled on a large reel. It is used for interventions in oil and gas wells and sometimes as production tubing in depleted gas wells. Wire lining services are used in the oil and gas industry to gather geophysical data and for well construction services such as pipe recovery, perforating, plug setting and well cleaning.
For both services, a (large) reel needs to be used.
High-voltage (HV) Power Cable Drums
High-voltage cables are used for electric power transmission at high voltage. These cables include a conductor and insulation and are considered to be fully insulated. This means that they have a full rated insulation system which will consist of insulation, semi-con layers and a metallic shield. High-voltage cables are therefor often very thick. Because off its thickness and the fact that they are often used for longer distances, the majority of the full cable drums have out-of-gauge dimensions and weights.
Lifting & Rigging Cable Drums
Steel cables and wires are used in the offshore oil and gas and marine construction industry. These steel wires are used for abandon and recovery lines, winch lines, offshore crane ropes, temporary mooring lines, diving bell ropes, lifeboat ropes and many other purposes. An average offshore vessel contains miles of steel cables & wires. Because of its weight and length, these cables and wires are spooled onto large drums.
The mobilization of these large and heavy drums and reels can be a serious challenge.

Our solution

Lubbers have been servicing the upstream oil & gas industry for more than 70 years. One of Lubbers’ services consisted of the transportation of Coiled Tubing & Wireline Reels. Throughout the years, the tube dimensions became larger and the length of the tubing increased. It meant the reel dimension increased as well.
To be flexible and be able to move different dimensions of drums & reels throughout Europe, Lubbers have invested in a specialized trailer fleet. This fleet consists of app. 350 flatbed-,- step deck- and low-loader trailers with axles varying from 3-axles up to 8-axles.
Depending on the size and route, these movements often require engineering and route survey studies including swept-path analyses. Lubbers is experienced in these activities, meaning that professional staff and modern (IT-) tools are available.


Many successful national and international (project-) mobilizations of large drums and reels have been executed. Customers from different industries have experienced the professional guidance from Lubbers’ transport- & logistics specialists.
Lubbers’ services not only consisted of the exceptional road transport execution itself, but also included project management activities such as, but not limited to, permit applications, safety & risk assessments, traffic management, route survey and engineering studies.

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