Transport of a scissor frame from the UK to Germany

The challenge

A client of ours, who is a leading global dredging contractor and marine services provider, asked us if we could move a scissor frame for the offshore industry from England to Germany. This job had to be done quickly, because the frame had to be loaded on a ship in the Bremerhaven with a fixed departure time.
The scissor frame weighed 18 tons, was 7.6 m long, 5.27 m wide and had a height of 2.58 m. The ship was located in the Bremerhaven, which is one of the most difficult locations in Germany to get road transport permits for.
Normally we would drive from the United Kingdom via the Netherlands to Germany. Because of the time pressure this was not possible, therefore a smart solution had to be found.

The solution

Due to our experience we know there are several options when it comes to ferries from the United Kingdom. That is why in this case we had the cargo shipped directly from the United Kingdom to Northern Germany.

The result

As a result, we only had to drive a short distance through Germany. The permit for this route soon followed and therefore the cargo was on board on time in the Bremerhaven.

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