Transportation of 36 Modular Construction Units

The challenge

A customer asked for a project solution regarding the movement of Operating Rooms and Intensive Care Units. A total number of 36 Modular Construction Units needed to be moved from their Factory in Southwest Germany to the final destination in the West of the Netherlands. The largest units were 15.60 meter long, 5.10 meter wide and 4.00 meter high. And had a weight of 33 Ton.

Our solution

Lubbers offered a multimodal transport solution, including road transport, mobile cranes, Barges and handling staff. The project started on the 7th of January with the first road transports from the Factory to the local Harbor, 16 KM away. During the next three days, three 135m. long Barges were loaded. A Barge is a flat-bottomed boat, built mainly for river and canal transport of bulk goods. Besides the Barges also the mobile Harbor crane and handling staff was organised by Lubbers.

The Barges needed 7 days to arrive at the Harbor near the delivery site. For planning reasons it was not possible to immediately deliver the units to the final destination. Therefor Lubbers organized in-between storage at the local harbor. Only a few days later Lubbers could start loading the units on the trailers for the last transports to the final destination.

Because the delivery location was at a hospital and the cargo was oversized, a detailed traffic plan was prepared (a hospital needs 24 Hour access). A temporary truck-trailer parking site was selected. All units arrived in the right order and exactly on time, on the 24th of January the project was finalized. 


The project ran smoothly and the customer was satisfied.

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