Urgent BUP shipment from Malaysia to Amsterdam

The challenge

A colleague company who is also active within the global transport & logistics sector offered us an interesting challenge. Due to a vessel delay and late connecting in Tanjung (Malaysia), 2.730 cartons of travel luggage needed to be shipped urgently to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The total weight of the cartons was 49 ton. At the moment of the request the cartons were packed in 5x 40ft shipping containers.

The journey and solution

Directly after the customers request, Lubbers Singapore team started investigating suitable shipping options from Malaysia to the Netherlands. A direct connection flight from Singapore to Amsterdam was found, which meant that the 5x shipping containers needed to be transported by truck from Malaysia to Singapore. 

The team had contact with local authorities and customs to understand which requirements, customs declarations, shipment termination clauses, payment terms and ground operations were needed to make this shipment happen.

A very important (and time-consuming) element to get the shipment moving was to show the correct documents to the Malaysia Customs in order to prove the shipment was not meant for local Malaysia consumption (no import duties & tax involvement). All 5x 40ft containers were inspected, matching the physical cargo against declared documents. And then the shipment was escorted from Tanjung Pelapas Port to Malaysia Customs border, allowing all containers to cross over to Singapore.
At Lubbers’ warehouse in Singapore the operations started without delay. A round the clock ground operation began in order to build up the airline pallets (BUP’s). This meant unstuffing the containers simultaneously, tallying all packages against the packing list and sticking all 2.730 airline labels on the cartons. 
In total 13 main deck pallets and 5 lower deck pallets were prepared just in time to launch into the cargo airline terminal at Singapore Airport. The Airline accepted all 18 BUPs, getting ready to depart to Amsterdam. Once arrived at Schiphol Amsterdam, Lubbers took the airline pallets to their own warehouse at the Airport. Here the cargo was prepared for further Road Transport to the final destination: Oevel, Belgium.


The urgent shipment arrived on time and the customer was happy! Lubbers demonstrated again: Complex logistics? One solution. Lubbers.

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