Urgent delivery of 200.000 face masks from China to the Netherlands (AMS).

The challenge

Several weeks ago the demand for Covid-19 protective equipment grew enormously. Lubbers also received requests to supply and transport these products from all over the world. At that time we were faced with several logistics challenges, like the shortage of these medical protective products and the closure of boarders and transport routes.   

Our solution

Together with our partner MQS Trading a Chinese supplier was found who was able to supply protective medical equipment on a short notice. And Lubbers Global Freight was able to find sufficient airfreight capacity to ship the products from China to the Netherlands.

The result

We delivered a total number of 200.000 FFP1 protective facemasks to two Dutch hospitals. This way Lubbers was able to have a positive contribution in protecting people against the Covid-19 virus.  
Because the demand for other types of protective equipment also grew, Lubbers continued the discussions with the Chinese supplier. The result was that we were also able to supply other types of protective facemasks (FFP2) and protective coveralls (isolation) as well. The lead-time for production and delivery to the Netherlands was also reduced to only several days.    

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