Cutting windmill blades and transport to recycling company

The challenge Windmill blades are designed in such a way that they can convert the wind energy very efficiently into a rotating movement, which can be converted back into electrical energy by the turbine. To achieve this, the blades are designed taking the shape, size and composition of materials into consideration. Long, light and strong […]

Moving two large concrete foundations across The Netherlands

The challenge Our client needed to move their drilling rig T49 from Vierpolders (NL) to Grubbenvorst (NL). After drilling the well on Grubbenvorst, the rig had to be transported to the storage location in Bad Bentheim (D). The challenge for this project was to disassemble, arrange temporary storage at Grubbenvorst, assemble, disassemble again, just-in-time loading, […]

Exceptional transport of large drums for offshore wind farms connection

The challenge of this road transport We were approached by a fellow service provider with the request for support with a large project concerning the construction of a power cable connection between land and sea. The project is called ‘Net op zee Hollandse Kust (west Beta)’. The Hollandse Kust (west Beta) offshore grid is the […]

AOG does it affect your shipment?

AOG (Aircraft on Ground) is a serious maintenance issue preventing the aircraft from taking off. This creates a high need for parts that can solve the problem, a fast method of shipping the equipment is needed to prevent further delays.  The problems AOG causes In a case like this, logistics solve the high need, fast […]

62 airport-hangar doors to Kuwait

The challenge A client, who offers turnkey solutions in the field of bulk solids handling, asked us if we could move 62 hangar-doors and supporting products from Germany to Kuwait. It was a door-to-door delivery. The total volume of the project was 6.350 m3 and 2.400 ton. The journey To make a good judgement of […]

Measuring equipment and radioactive sources from Cyprus to Morocco

The challenge Our client for this project was a renowned Oil & Gas service company. Measuring equipment and radioactive sources (UN2911) needed to be transported from a drilling location on Cyprus to a location in Morocco. During transport the planning changed and delivery needed to be expedited. The journey The client approached us for this […]

Logistics support for Baltic Pipeline project

The challenge Lubbers Pipeline Services, the specialized pipeline department within Lubbers, was approached by one of its customers to offer logistics support in the Danish harbor Esbjerg for the Baltic Pipeline project. The Baltic Pipe Project is a strategic gas infrastructure project with the goal of creating a new gas supply corridor in the European […]