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Exceptional transport of large drums for offshore wind farms connection

The challenge 
We were approached by a fellow service provider with the request for support with a large project concerning the construction of a power cable connection between land and sea. The project is called 'Net op zee Hollandse Kust (west Beta)'. 
The Hollandse Kust (west Beta) offshore grid is the total grid connection from the HK West Beta wind farm to the transformer station in IJmuiden. From there, the power goes to the high-voltage substation in Beverwijk, which is part of the national high-voltage grid. In this project, various wind farms are connected to the national high-voltage grid via 'the offshore grid' with underground cables. 
At the transformer station, the power is transformed from 220 kV alternating current to 380 kV alternating current. This transformer substation will be set up in such a way that it can be converted into a high-voltage substation in the future.  
For this project, a total of 93 large cable drums (380 kV) had to be transported from a quay in Velsen-Noord to the transformer station in IJmuiden. 
Our solution 
The project consisted of 93 drums divided over different sizes and weights. The largest drums, of which 53 pieces had to be transported, had a size of 590x470x470 cm and a maximum weight of 42 tons. 
Special permits were required for these transports. These permits often contain transport restrictions. As an example, the transports had to be carried out under the supervision of escort vehicles.
In order to ensure that the project runs efficiently and safely, close consultation has taken place with the local municipality. These consultations resulted in a transport exemption that made it possible to carry out these transports during the day between 10:00 and 15:00 PM.
The transports took place at three different times, spread over several days. By having multiple 6x2 and 6x4 truck-trailer combinations shuttle efficiently, the drums could be transported quickly and safely. 4-axle and 7-axle semi low-loaders were used for these transports. 
Both our customer and the end customer were very pleased with our service.
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