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Multimodal transport of heavy, oversized anchors.

The challenge
A client of ours, who is a leading global dredging contractor and marine services provider, asked us if we could move 3 heavy anchors (18,5 Ton each) and shanks from the Netherlands to Turkey. If the anchors would be placed in a standard flat position on a trailer, they would be classified as oversized cargo because of the width (4.48m). Heavy and oversized land transportation through 7 European countries is a serious challenge. 
The journey
In good cooperation with our client we decided to move the anchors with a support frame. A support frame can lift the anchors in a more vertical position, which means it is less wide and no longer oversized cargo. This way we could avoid expensive permits and delays because of the permit process. We contacted a partner who is very experienced in fabricating steel constructions. The support frames were made to the specific dimensions of the anchors and tested before use. 

For road transport projects with large and heavy equipment to Eastern Europe and beyond, you want to make use of experienced carriers. In this case we decided to involve our colleagues from our Turkish office. The 6 transports were carried out under their control by using Turkish transport partners. From the moment of loading until the delivery we kept our client up-to-date through daily updates. 
Our solution
This project is a good example of how we involved the right people, equipment and network. A perfect support frame was produced by a partner and our road transport departments in the Netherlands and Turkey worked closely together. Another important element in this project was the trust we got from our client. They appreciated our knowledge and experience and relied on it. 

The project was executed in time and without any issues. Another successful complex transport project. 

“Lubbers is our preferred partner for road transport. Their network and high focus on quality and service are a great match.”

– SR Group, Norway.

“We frequently use Lubbers for urgent transports, because they always make sure our equipment arrives on time.”

– HESS Denmark.

"Our strong partnership with Lubbers supports us in our mission to deliver a full range of standard and bespoke DNV 2.7-1 cargo carrying units.”

– VP Business Development OEG Offshore Ltd.

“The good communication with Lubbers’ drivers is very important to us.”

– HESS Denmark.

“Working with Lubbers optimized our efficiencies, streamlined the process and significantly reduced the overall costs for container/basket rental & transportation.”

– Senior Procurement Specialist, Halliburton.

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