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Very efficient European rental and transport of offshore containers & baskets

The challengeOffshore oil and gas drilling equipment needs to be moved to the offshore rig in certified containers and baskets. These movements are complex due to short lead times, last minute changes, cross-border traffic and other unpredictable factors. 

The journeyThe client challenged several parties for ideas to improve the movement of containers and baskets. It soon became clear that we offered the best European network. Discussions were carried on exclusively.

Our solutionWith our partner OEG Offshore Ltd., we analyzed the client’s historic rental data to determine what kind of units they rented in which countries/regions. We matched that with their expected upcoming business. This resulted in a solid understanding of the ideal mix of stock levels. Per country, we also gathered all needs and wishes for testing and inspections. Lastly, we scanned the existing ordering process and data registration on possible (efficiency-) improvements.

ResultsIt resulted in a European Rental Agreement, under which we now hold a dedicated stock at multiple European locations (Netherlands, Italy and Romania). We arrange all testing and inspection and we arrange transport to the client’s facilities or to offshore harbors. 

The client is guaranteed delivery of (inspected and tested) units against a competitive price. All in all, we deliver a much quicker and cheaper solution and up-to-date data utilization.

“Lubbers is our preferred partner for road transport. Their network and high focus on quality and service are a great match.”

– SR Group, Norway.

“We frequently use Lubbers for urgent transports, because they always make sure our equipment arrives on time.”

– HESS Denmark.

"Our strong partnership with Lubbers supports us in our mission to deliver a full range of standard and bespoke DNV 2.7-1 cargo carrying units.”

– VP Business Development OEG Offshore Ltd.

“The good communication with Lubbers’ drivers is very important to us.”

– HESS Denmark.

“Working with Lubbers optimized our efficiencies, streamlined the process and significantly reduced the overall costs for container/basket rental & transportation.”

– Senior Procurement Specialist, Halliburton.

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