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No matter how
large, heavy or
dangerous the
goods. We know
how to deliver.
So many options.
So good to have
the best solution
for your complex
We always deliver.
At any time.
To any place in the
world. Fast, reliable
and safe.


Movement of Operating Room

Lifting, handling and transportation of complete operation room. Read more

Airport-hangar doors to Kuwait

Large movement of hangar-doors from Germany to Kuwait. Read more

Air freight charter

Expedited delivery from Cyprus to Morocco of measuring equipment and radioactive sources. Read more

Exceptional transport

Moving two large, 74 tonnes heavy concrete foundations. Read more

Offshore containers & baskets

Very efficient European rental and transport solutions. Read more

Challenging rigmove

Disassembly, just-in-time loading, temporary storage and on site assembly. Read more

Moving a mobile rig

Exceptional transport from Nienhagen to Moisall (Germany). Read more

Pipeline logistics

Smooth execution with all-inclusive solution. Read more

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