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No matter how
large, heavy or
dangerous the
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the best solution
for your complex
We always deliver.
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In 1943 Shell discovered the second largest oil field on the mainland in Western Europe. A stone's throw from Lubbers’ office. Ever since the NAM (Dutch National Oil company) started the production of this oilfield in 1947, Lubbers is active in the transport of drilling equipment.
Over the years we have specialized in road transport of construction equipment. We have built an unmatched road transport network that connects the most important oil and gas hubs in Europe on a daily basis. We offer our customers a variety of options, whether it concerns urgent transport or transport of materials with exceptional dimensions. From groupage to 'hot shot': Lubbers always offers a suitable, competitive and above all safe solution. Our Global Freight division knows no boundaries and arranges multimodal transport in collaboration with proven and reliable partners worldwide.
In addition to specialized road, air and sea freight, Lubbers now offers a variety of other services for the oil and gas industry, such as 'control tower' concepts, rig moves from A-Z, all logistics concerning the construction of pipelines and the rental of so-called 'offshore' containers. When asked, we completely take over the management of complex projects and our experts can also be used for cost optimization projects. We can provide well-trained technical and logistic personnel to our customers through our employment agency Lubbers @Work. Due to the expertise and high level of safety that we have built up within the oil and gas industry, we have also been offering our services to customers in other energy segments for some time now:
•Wind energy
• Geothermic
• Mining
• Solar energy
• Hydropower
• Hydrogen

“Lubbers is our preferred partner for road transport. Their network and high focus on quality and service are a great match.”

– SR Group, Norway.

“We frequently use Lubbers for urgent transports, because they always make sure our equipment arrives on time.”

– HESS Denmark.

"Our strong partnership with Lubbers supports us in our mission to deliver a full range of standard and bespoke DNV 2.7-1 cargo carrying units.”

– VP Business Development OEG Offshore Ltd.

“The good communication with Lubbers’ drivers is very important to us.”

– HESS Denmark.

“Working with Lubbers optimized our efficiencies, streamlined the process and significantly reduced the overall costs for container/basket rental & transportation.”

– Senior Procurement Specialist, Halliburton.

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