Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering & Manufacturing

  1. Engineering companies select their logistics providers based on three criteria:
  2. Does the supplier have suitable equipment?
  3. Can they show their knowledge and experience?
  4. Do they apply smart engineering?

Our extensive expertise within the engineering industry guarantees that we meet these three criteria. We support our clients in their transport (engineering) needs as we are often consulted to give advice on how to make changes in the design of their products to improve transportation safety and/or efficiency. Our European fleet and specialised partner network offer a wide variety of transport options for relocating machinery, construction equipment or other products. Our extensive experience in the most challenging projects allows us to provide the most efficient solution for any transport or logistics project. 

Engineering & Manufacturing

Manufacturers have varying logistics needs, especially considerable manufacturers that sometimes supply their products to thousands of customers spread over several continents. They focus on optimising their supply chain more. As a result, they try to improve their efficiency, explore different of (multi-modal) movement options, and invest in IT innovations. Most of the time is spent optimising their standard production line logistics. At the end of the day, this is where most of their money is paid and earned. 

Also, substantial money is spent , sometimes wasted, on non-standard logistics, i.e. complex transportation and logistics. At this point, we gladly share our knowledge and experience with you. When manufacturers require products to be moved quickly to remote or challenging global destinations or when the goods are classified as ‘dangerous’, we have a solution!

Our solution may include Road Transport, Projects & Services or Global Freight divisions separately, but excellent cooperation between them often renders a tailored answer.

We make your international engineering & manufacturing machinery transport easy

We offer a complete engineering & manufacturing machinery transportation service throughout the world, including logistics services to and from any destination. With our global network, we will be able to offer you competitive rates and seamless service throughout all stages of your journey. We transport all different kinds of industrial machines: 

  • Industrial vehicles
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts and trucks
  • Road-building machinery
  • Construction and mining machinery
  • Tractors and agricultural machinery
Lubbers offers over 50 specialities in international transportation so that no matter what your needs are, we can help you!

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