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Lubbers Logistics Group partner in unique recycling consortium

Eemshaven, 17 February 2022
What to do with all those windmill blades that will be written off in the coming years? Recycling seemed almost impossible. Until now. In the Eemshaven, parties concluded a covenant that marks the start of a closed chain of supply, dismantling and reuse of wind turbine blades.

They are dumped, they are buried in mines, they cause headaches. The windmill blades, mainly made of composite, that generate energy all over the world, pose a dilemma after their working life. It seems nothing useful can be done with the blades. The solution to that problem is getting closer now that various companies, educational institutions and organizations joining forces and make recycling possible. The Eemshaven has the world premiere.

Decom North is the name of the consortium that is unique in its comprehensiveness. The affiliated companies, of which Lubbers Logistics Group is one, dismantle and transport written-off rotor blades to the recycling factory in Eemshaven. Here the blades are reduced in steps until eventually granules remain. These form the raw material for new products, such as bank protection, moulds, bridges, crane mats and more.

The signatures that have been placed, launch a revolution that is much needed in the context of nature, the environment and climate. Within a few years, the hundreds of offshore wind turbines north of the Eemshaven will be part of the integrated recycling system. A pilot plant at the terminal will then run at full capacity. The raw materials that are created in this way take the place of hardwood, among other things, resulting in environmental and climate benefits.

Until then, the consortium will turn to Neocomp in Bremen. This company processes the glass fibers and synthetic resin from cut rotor blades into reinforced cement. The system of a ‘one stop shop’ for the removal of depreciated rotor blades is already being put into practice. The flows of land and sea will soon meet in Eemshaven, where rotor blades are also repaired.

The affiliated parties agree on the ultimate solution in the future: old wind turbine blades must be recycled into new wind turbine blades. In order to achieve this as quickly as possible, there is plenty of space in the pilot plant for researchers and students in the context of the knowledge project High-Quality Applications. They also consider whether more types of material can be processed via the same process.

During a program that was held on February 17, the business case was presented and handed over to the Groningen deputy IJzebrand Rijzebol.
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