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AOG does it affect your shipment?

AOG (Aircraft on Ground) is a serious maintenance issue preventing the aircraft from taking off. This creates a high need for parts that can solve the problem, a fast method of shipping the equipment is needed to prevent further delays. 

The problems AOG causes

In a case like this, logistics solve the high need, fast delivery of the spare part is essential, every minute is of importance, the plane needs to take off as soon as possible to ship freight and transport its passengers. The plane being stuck on the ground due to technical issues can cause a few problems. 

  • Maintenance fees, the parts that do not work or have broken down need to be repaired, this is not cheap but critical to continue.
  • Loss of revenue, a grounded plane causes a problem for the tickets sold for the trip, as AOG causes a delay, the passengers are often compensated for it. 
  • Airport fees, the airport has a schedule for all the planes to arrive and be gated, when one plane is grounded it might be in the wrong place and can cause extra delays and problems for other planes.
  • Delayed air freight, the freight might also have a tight schedule with other transport connections to get to its final destination. This disrupts the transport and the logistics of the freight. 

How often does it occur?

AOG is an unexpected event, the unpredictability is high. An AOG emergence can happen at any time. However, this problem rises exponentially when travel times increase, for example during the summer months. 

An AOG occurring is quite expensive for an airline to cover, this creates the need to optimize and check their airplanes continuously to keep the AOG away or at its minimum cost.

How does AOG affect your shipment?

AOG is unpredictable, so when it happens your freight shipment might be delayed. The chances are small but when it happens a solution will be offered or it will be repaired as quickly as possible to minimize the delays.

AOG is something that can’t be prevented or planned, however, when it does happen transport and logistics companies will ensure that the needed parts or equipment will be transported as soon as possible. 

Your equipment fast on the scene

When AOG happens, the equipment that is needed needs to be located, after the location is clear a transport company is called to discuss what mode of transport is most suitable. Once the transport has been completed the mechanics can repair the plane with the right equipment or spare parts. After the normal flight routine can be set in motion. 

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