Lubbers Decom North

Measuring equipment and radioactive sources from Cyprus to Morocco

The challenge

Our client for this project was a renowned Oil & Gas service company. Measuring equipment and radioactive sources (UN2911) needed to be transported from a drilling location on Cyprus to a location in Morocco. During transport the planning changed and delivery needed to be expedited.

The journey

The client approached us for this job due to our vast network, in depth knowledge and the fact that we are fully certified to handle and transport all dangerous goods.

Our solution

As there are no direct commercial air freight connections from Cyprus to Casablanca we proposed the following routing, using two different air carriers: Lanarca Cyprus (LCA) – Tel Aviv Israel (TLV) – Liège Belgium (LGG) – Amsterdam Netherlands (AMS) – Istanbul Turkey (IST)- Casablanca Morocco (CMN).

The goods would travel by air from LCA to LGG, where we would connect the transport to our own road transport network to The Netherlands. The final connection by air from ASD to CMN.

The client agreed to our proposal. But as transport was underway we got word that the goods were needed at the new location sooner than they initially thought. They risked down time with drilling activities in Morocco and asked us for options to expedite delivery.

We could quickly arrange an air charter solution from Liège to Casablanca to which the client agreed. Liège was the first option we could switch to charter as the freight had already left TLV when we got the request.

As we were taking care of the paper work we discovered we were able to arrange traffic rights in Maastricht even faster than was possible in Liège. With a last minute intervention we switched to road transport to get the goods from Liège to Maastricht. An air charter by Vulkan Air took care of the final piece of the puzzle to deliver everything safely to Casablanca.


We delivered the materials on time for our client to avoid down time. Our global connections and knowledge of all global options for complex freight guaranteed this problem free expedited delivery.