Verschillende types luchtvracht

Airfreight is transporting freight by charter or a commercial air carrier, speedily and reliably. The solution when a customer has a time-sensitive project or has freight that needs to go to an unusual destination is sending the freight by aircraft. Airfreight also has a worldwide reach, high level of security, less risk of theft or […]

1st of January 2022: The next step for Brexit

The UK leaving the European Union (Brexit) has made it more complicated to transport goods between the EU and UK, the custom clearance formalities have been raised and result in longer waits for the transport. Custom and export documents require up-to-date knowledge of the Customs regulations. The variety of customs documents often raises the question, […]

Brexit regulations

Brexit has consequences for your business. Cargo that is transported from the United Kingdom to Europe or any other Global destination first goes through a check by British customs and the same happens the other way around. Checks are carried out on the correct import-/export documentation and sealing. Carriers who transport perishable goods such as […]