Air freight

Air freight. The sky is not the limit.

Is your air cargo time-critical, out of gauge, or does it need to be delivered to an unusual destination? Then, let us take care of it with end-to-end air-freight services. Our global network of trusted freight forwarding partners ensures your air-freight shipments’ safe and timely delivery. This applies to all of your international air-freight when time and capacity are crucial. We fly to any place in the world.

Preparation is key

The key to success is thorough preparation. We are completely familiar with every aspect and take care of route surveys, transport engineering, permits & documents, transport supervision, operating manuals and project management.

Flexible and hands-on air freight

Our global freight experts maintain a hands-on and flexible approach, with years of experience and a proven track record. They love to connect the logistic dots to deliver the optimal solution. They will keep you posted during transport, so you will never be caught off guard.


Tailored worldwide chartering

Our chartering services pick up the pace when standard air cargo schedules on commercial airlines don’t meet your needs. We have the expertise and network to arrange all specialised air charter solutions.

Smart air cargo hub

Our dedicated global air-freight experts team is based at Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands. It’s simply one of the best connections to the rest of the world. Outside of Europe, Lubbers also has its air-freight hubs and a strong network of agents.

Easy transfer from air to sea, rail or road

Your cargo is not standard, nor are our air, sea, rail or road transport services. We seamlessly integrate any other means of transportation and logistics to reach even the most remote destinations up until the last mile.

Throughout Europe, we easily connect your air-freight to our road transport network with our 14 support bases in 8 countries.

Trustworthy Air freight Forwarder

We are a trusted air logistics company partner of big and small enterprises alike, offering a wide range of air transportation services for all budgets – from sea freight to air-freight. Whether you’re shipping pallets or industrial machines, we ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time at its destination. We provide end-to-end services for all kinds of large shipments on a global scale. Our services include exceptional cargo, worldwide chartering and stock management.

We are an IATA Cargo Agent

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