Rail transport

Rail transport

Rail transport services. Get your cargo on track.

At Lubbers Global Freight, we offer a wide range of global solutions through our multimodal transport options. We are active as a logistics specialist on various continents, including rail transport between Europe and Asia. 

Aside from air and sea transport, train freight train transportation is becoming increasingly attractive when importing and exporting containers as well as general cargo to and from China. 

Consider distribution by train for your global freight. We offer flexible rail logistic services with last-mile delivery. In many cases, train freight is cheaper than air and faster than sea as lead times range from 16 to 20 days. Lower CO2 emissions are another advantage of using trains for cargo distribution purposes.

Preparation is key

The key to success is thorough preparation. We are completely familiar with every aspect and take care of route surveys, transport engineering, permits & documents, transport supervision, operating manuals and project management.

Ideal rail cargo transportation circumstances

For the most economical delivery option – Railway transport is reliable because it’s the least affected transportation mode as far as weather conditions and traffic are concerned. Railway track transport ensures less congestion and obstruction, minimising the risk of delays due to external factors. Your cargo will be in constant motion until they reach their final destination.

For transporting heavy loads – Rail freight transport does not impose limitations on the carryable load, making it the most economical and quick solution to deliver bulky and heavy goods over long distances. Rail freight is also the ideal transport mode for shipping natural resources, agricultural products, chemical products and metals.

For safer transportation – Railway is a safe form of transport as the chances of breakdowns and accidents are minimal compared to other modes. Moreover, the goods are protected from exposure to sun, snow, rain and other weather conditions.


Our trusted transport partners

We cooperate with a trusted network of qualified rail subcontractors to safely handle your goods across the globe. As we keep track of your cargo, you can rest assured that it gets delivered.

Multimodal transport

Our rail services are a seamless part of our other global freight services: air, sea and road. With this multimodal approach, we offer various options to get your freight where it needs to be.

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