Minimize your downtime.

Safety in combination with efficiency is crucial with rig moves projects. However, you also need to limit your downtime to a minimum. So let us take care of both. Since 2008, we have executed numerous rig moves. We know all the ins and outs so that you can rely on a safe and efficient rig move. Entrust us with every detail, from planning and execution to evaluation and continuous improvement. One contact person is dedicated to your project and available at all times.

Turnkey domestic and international service

With almost 100 years of experience, our dedicated vehicle fleet and up-to-date equipment, Lubbers Logistics Group has created a solid basis for our turnkey domestic and international rig moves division. Just like for every project, we put our exceptionally high safety standards into practice.

Our rig moves process in a nutshell:

  • Pre-move meeting
  • Route and sites investigation
  • Safety manuals and risk assessments
  • Truck planning and coordination
  • Lifting plans, crane planning and coordination
  • Permit application and assistance
  • Execution of the rig move (including personnel and equipment)
  • After move meeting to evaluate and share learnings

People and partners to execute your rig move like clockwork

Any rig move must disassemble the drilling rig at the old location and assemble it at the new site. Our experienced professionals take care of all coordination and activities. We execute your rig move like a Swiss clockwork.

Next to the best people, you need the right cranes for a rig move project. So we collaborate with trusted companies like Kielstra Cranes, among others. In this partnership, we earned our stripes in the field of cranes, lifting and hoisting. We can count on an intensive network of partners in countries outside of the Netherlands, and we collaborate with certified and experienced contractors within our widespread network only.

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