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Lubbers logistics group

Lubbers Logistics Group: from family business in road transport to global complex logistics expert

In 1929, Geert Lubbers started his regional road transport services as a family business. This is the foundation of our current approach. Today, we are global experts in complex transport and logistics. With our hands-on commitment, we stay on top of all possible solutions to tackle any logistics challenge. As a result, we make your life easier.

Almost 100 years of logistics experience

It's our job to make your life easier

Clients recognise us for having top-notch expertise and a reliable global network. In everything we do, you will discover our personal touch. Our services include international freight forwarding (by air, ocean or rail), transportation (e.g., trucking), warehousing and storage activities and control tower solutions. These services can act as standalone products or as part of our broader offering. Consider us your supply chain provider.

With the core elements in place, Lubbers Logistics Group designs, implements, and manages supply chains specific to global industry markets. Also, verticals or bespoke solutions for more complex transportation models may be part of our service.

We focus on developing solid relationships with our customers to ensure their long-term success. Always!


A job well done is a job safely done

Over the past 90 years, we developed our business in different market segments, meeting the industry’s extremely high Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental standards. We proudly bring that level of operational excellence to all of our clients and their sector-specific needs.  

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