Who we are

Our purpose, vision and values

Our story begins with one man and his truck. In 1920, Geert Lubbers started his regional road transport business. Today, we are global experts in complex transport and logistics. Ours is a story about hands-on commitment, knowing all possible options to tackle any logistical challenge. We always strive to make our clients’ lives easier.

You are part of that story.

What we do

Our mission

We tailor global logistics services to our client’s specific needs. That is our Mission.

“What it boils down to is that we always deliver. No matter how large, heavy or dangerous the goods, we make sure the job gets done. Fast, reliable and safe. This is what guides us and keeps us going -feven when the going gets tough.”

The way we see the world

Our vision

Excellent logistics is about knowing all possible options. Excellent logistics is about delivering the best solution for the job at hand. It’s this vision that shapes the way we interact.

“We make it our job always to know all possible options for any logistical challenge. We understand what is at stake for our clients, and we offer the solutions that help them reach their goals best.”

Our role 

Our purpose

Lubbers Logistics acknowledge our role as part of the critical infrastructure driving world trade and as a key enabler for the sustainable growth of all our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and societies at large.

“We conduct our business with integrity.  We take advantage of technology and digitalisation this enables us to continuously optimise our customers’ supply chains and supports efficient workflows for our employees

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