A job well done is a job safely done

QHSE, simply part of our DNA

Over the past 90 years, we developed our business in a market segment requiring extremely high Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental standards: the Energy sector. We proudly bring that level of operational excellence to all of our clients and their sector-specific needs.

QHSE policy

Lubbers’ aspiration is to reduce accidents, incidents, complaints, and spills to zero in all of our activities including managing emissions to the lowest possible level.

Our Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) policy applies throughout the Lubbers Logistics Group and has been developed to deliver high-quality services and protect people and the environment wherever we operate.


We keep improving our standards

Exceeding requirements with continuous training and innovation

You need knowledge, insight, and experience to excel in safe and efficient logistics. That’s why we invest in passing on our expertise in addition to the required training courses.

We constantly test and improve our organization and services to meet the ever-changing sector-specific QHSE requirements of our clients.

In order to achieve our objectives and improve performance, we use the latest technologies and meet the latest standards and regulations. In this context, we take our social responsibility very seriously in every possible way we can.

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