Transport Romania

Transport Romania

We’ll take care of all your transport.

Transport to and from Romania

Transport to and from Romania. We take care of your needs no matter how urgent, dangerous or exceptional they are. Move across borders with ease. Lubbers Logistics Group is an experienced international transport company that can arrange transport from and to Romania deliver your goods to any quickly and cost efficiently.

Let us take care of all your transport. No matter how urgent, dangerous or exceptional the goods, we know how to get them where you need them to be. We offer Standard, Dangerous and Exceptional transport with Hotshot, Urgent or Groupage services. 

Through our own network across Europa, combined with our one-stop-shop model to provide customs services, your cargo will arrive fast, safe and cost efficient to your clients.

With our strong footprint of support bases who are located strategically well in Romania we connect every dot in the country.

In addition to  Full truck load (FTL) ,  Urgent  and  Exceptional transport  to Romania Lubbers also offers an extensive  Groupage  transport network. This means that your cargo can be combined with freight and transported efficiently. Groupage is possible daily between all our branches and Romania.

We take care of your transport needs no matter how urgent, dangerous or exceptional they are.

Lubbers transports to every big city in Romania: Brasov, Boekarest, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca.

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