Road Transport

Road Transport

Whatever you
need to move.

Let us take care of all your road transport. No matter how urgent, dangerous, complex or exceptional the goods, we know how to get them where you need them. We offer Standard, Hazardous goods and Exceptional transport with Hotshot, Expedited or Groupage services.  

Solid road transport solutions daily

Our network covers Europe entirely, and we have 14 support bases in 8 countries. With our 90+ years of experience and a privately owned vehicle fleet of over 135 trucks and 330 trailers, we can honestly say that we can deliver whatever you need to move.

Our road transportation services in a nutshell:

FTL transport is for shipments requiring the entire available space of a truck’s load-bed.

Even though the demand for part load transport is high, finding a company willing to carry out part load transport can be surprisingly challenging. Not at Lubbers.

Hotshot trucking is an excellent option when time is of the essence, and you need to transport a load quickly.

Our Exceptional Road Transport experts know how to deal with almost anything.

There is no margin of error when it comes to transport and logistics in the chemical industry.

Lubbers has the right knowledge and expertise to transport your heavy or special transport needs safely and reliably. 

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