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Lubbers @Work specialises in personnel services for engineering, oilfield and well services, transport and logistics. Our network is filled with the best-trained, highly qualified and experienced people. All candidates are thoroughly vetted and have access to our full training programmes.

The Lubbers Logistics Group staffing division Lubbers @Work offers secondment and recruitment services. So whether you’re looking for temporary assistance or permanent personnel, we can help you out.

Preparation is key

The key to success is thorough preparation. We are completely familiar with every aspect and take care of route surveys, transport engineering, permits & documents, transport supervision, operating manuals and project management.

 What is secondment?

In case of secondment, your employer will employ you at a third party. This means you are employed by, for example, Lubbers @Work, but you carry out your work at another organisation. Your employment contract remains with Lubbers @work. This applies to permanent roles, temporary projects and interim assignments.


What are the benefits of working via a secondment agency?

Secondment via Lubbers @Work offers you several benefits. We help you carve out your career and guide you through the following steps.


Benefits at a glance:

Consider us your partner. We offer one-on-one conversations, give you feedback and tips, help you carve out your career and guide you through various steps. This way, you are optimally prepared for your interviews with potential clients.

We offer you long-term career opportunities as there is always a challenging project waiting for you.

We are a preferred supplier for various attractive organisations. They approach Lubbers @Work first with new vacancies and projects, allowing us to offer you assignments that would otherwise not come your way. 

You have the possibility of being hired as a seconded employee at Lubbers @Work even before we actually have a project available for you. With your professional development in mind, we set up a growth path and look for clients who suit you.


Why choose secondment via Lubbers @Work?


Lubbers @Work stands for expertise and is passionate about people. We believe a dream job is available for everyone, and the right job can change your life.

We maintain a good relationship with our seconded employees who, in many cases, have been working through us for many years.  Of course, we go over the employment conditions together and ensure a punctual payment.

With the support of Lubbers @Work, you have excellent opportunities for a new secondment job, interesting projects or assignments.

A personal approach to personnel

Almost 100 years of experience in transport and logistics amounts to truckloads of knowledge and experience. We know and understand your business and speak your language. Just give us a call. We are always available to help you with all your staff-related issues.


Looking for a job?

Lubbers @Work is our recruitment agency for companies in the energy sector. We offer staffing and payrolling services for our clients. We are always looking out for motivated people in well services, engineering, transport and logistics.

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